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Which statement about Salesforce Developer Chatter posts and comments is true? Salesforce Developer posts to a user's profile are hidden from anyone below that user in the role hierarchy.

Salesforce Developers post made to user's profile are visible to all users in the organization

Salesforce Developing posts to a user's profile can be made private by clicking the lock icon.

Salesforce Develop

updates to the Chatter feed on a record are only visible to users with access to the record

Discussion: Salesforce Developeris the new fierce of course. The community monopolized the usage of the word fierce to describe all things exceptionally fashionable, harder and edgier. Salesforce DeveloperWonderful. Beyond expectatioEx.1: Did you just see the way she walked into the party with hern front of everyone? she's ferocious. Ex. 2: What do you mean you scored us comped front row seats ?

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