July 12, 2018

Which statement about Salesforce Developer Chatter posts and comments is true?

Salesforce Developer posts to a user's profile are hidden from anyone below that user in the role hierarchy.

Salesforce Developers post made to user's profile are visible to all users in t...

July 10, 2018

A Salesforce developer has developed a Visualforce page to create a new Contact with the following markup:
<apex:inputfield value="{!newContact.website}"/>
The Visualforce page has extra logic for validating the website field. How can the developer add an error message...

What is available to a Salesforce Consultant using the <apex:actionSupport> tag used for in Visualforce pages?
A.  Salesforce CRM Consultant To trigger controller actions in response to DOM element events..
B.  Salesforce CRM Consultants use  trigger a second action wh...

What should Salesforce Consultant keep in mind with regard to the Apex CPU limit?

A.  Salesforce Consultant should optimize SOQL query performance.

B.  Salesforce Consultants should avoid nested Apex iterations.

C.  Salesforce Consultanting advice should use Map colle...

Which method is defined in the StandardController class for a Salesforce Integrator?

A. Salesforce Integrator can use Save
B. Salesforce Integrators can use Merge
C. Salesforce Integration can use Cancel
D. Salesforce Integrator can use Undelete


Where can a Salesforce Integrator debug log filter setting?

A. A Salesforce Integrator can use a  Log Filters tab on a class or trigger detail page.
B. The Salesforce Integrators can use the Show More link on the debug log's record.
C. A Salesforce Integrator can acce...

A Salesforce developer has written a Visualforce screen to make a new account with the following markup:

<apex:inputfield value="{!newAccount.website}"/>

The Visualforce screen has extra logic for validating the website url. How can the Salesforce developer add an error...

June 28, 2018

A Salesforce developer writes a workflow with an email alert on opportunity creation so that an email is sent to the opportunity owner's manager when the opportunity is created.

At what phase will the email be sent?

A. Salesforce developer has it after committing to data...

What does a Saleforce integrator do to a controller for a visualforce page use to over ride the an opportunity?

A. The Saleforce integrator must use a callback constructor to reference the standard controller.

B.  Saleforce integrators use the opportunity standard contro...

What functionality is available to users when adding files in Lightning Experience?

A. Salesforce Programmer can Mass upload Quip files using the data loader

B. Salesforce Programmer should create, share, and collaborate on documents with Quip without an external file do...

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