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Avoid Duplication

Maintaining a cohesive data infrastructure is a big factor for the success of an enterprise. Data should be efficiently synchronized in order to provide meaningful and timely reporting.   If your Salesforce is not completely integrated with other data bases, your Company faces holes and/or lags in information.  Don’t rely on a data infrastructure that is cobbled together or relies on manual data-entry. 

Let Lop.Net Advisors take a look at your data map to determine if your Company does rely on manual data-entry or inadequate integrations.  Our expertise in SOAP, REST, CSV, Heroku, Salesforce Connect, and Einstein allows us to determine if your comprehensive data plan is efficiently and thoroughly synchronize external data systems and Salesforce.  If you don’t integrate your data systems with automation, then you definitely need to give us a call!




Aura and Lightning Web Components

If it's time to upgrade to Salesforce Lightning, we are prepared to help you create mobile-friendly Apps and Components.  You’re probably wondering why you need to upgrade to Lightning experience.  Here’s why…

Salesforce's new Lightning platform is built to deal with prospects and customers where they live.  Don’t assume that everyone is using email.  Your Company needs a modern communication platform with more robust client-side capabilities.  You need to make sure that when a prospect or customer is ‘Wanting’ - your Company is ‘Ready’. 

Let Salesforce Advisors evaluate your current system and introduce new responsive tools, so you can engage prospects and customers in an expedient manner, across new channels in a personalized, relevant way.  Take advantage of our extensive experience in Texting (SMS),  telephony, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Organize Your Business

Lop.Net Advisors provides specialized consulting to make sure your Salesforce implementation is exactly what you envisioned.  We guide your Company through the Salesforce CRM  development process - collaborating with you to build an extraordinary design. Our Salesforce consultants have the experience, training, and ideas that give your Company a CRM that engages customers across many channels, builds your sales pipeline, and maximizes your marketing investments.

Our designers and programmers work closely with our project management team to create a seamless and positive Salesforce development experience. From the time you start - until the time of completion, our Salesforce consultants are with you all the way.   Our expertise in Apex, Triggers, Workflows, Visualforce, JavaScript, JQuery, Mobile Apps, Lightning Components, and Aura guarantees a fast turnaround.

Salesforce Developer and Chatter

July 12, 2018

Salesforce Developer and Visualforce Pages

July 10, 2018

Salesforce CRM Consultant and apex programming

July 9, 2018

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